Gospel Echoing Missionary Society


Hostel Facility

The school provides separate boarding facilities for boys and girls. The hostel possesses the following sections: Junior Boys section, Junior girls section, Senior Boys Section, and Senior Girls section.

The hostel administration is committed to provide to provide homely living conditions to our young boarders, which means we strive to provide them with a HOME AWAY FROM HOME. Besides providing boarding facilities, the hostel management shows keen interest in the all round development of the boarders.

Towards this end, the boarders are provided with a number of other facilities such as Hospital to provide healthcare, Regular sports and games activities, Remedial classes for academically weak boarders, Talent Hunt programs to help develop their inherent talents and abilities, Educational tours and Excursions, Birth day celebrations, Observation of significant days, Campfire Evenings to provide relaxing time of amusement, recreation and entertainment, Personal guidance and counselling session, and opportunity for individual hobbies catering to the needs of personality development.

Joy Hostel

The school has also has built two hostels newly named “Joy Hostel” with modern facilities for Boys and Girls separately. We strive to provide the boarders a home better than home. The hostel has the following special features.

  • Purified water with cooler
  • Well balanced, delicious & nutritious food
  • Spacious rooms with few students
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Spacious dining hall
  • Special study table, chair and cupboard for each student
  • Indoor games and Television facility
  • In built Bathrooms/toilets.
  • Parlour for Parents and visitors.

Hostel Rules & Regulations

Admission & Readmission

  • The student who seeks admission in the hostel must apply in the prescribed application format available at school office.
  • The boarder once admitted in the hostel will not be permitted to leave the hostel during the academic ear except under disciplinary ground. He/she must continue for the full academic year.
  • Readmission in the hostel is not automatic for a boarder who has been already admitted and staying in the hostel. It is compulsory for a boarder to renew his/her admission for the next academic year by applying in the prescribed application form for readmission in advance, before the completion of the ongoing academic year.
  • The filled-in application form for readmission must be submitted at the office on or th before the 15 January. Boarder who fails to submit the application form will not be given readmission.
  • The parents are to sign in the declaration given under the hostel rules and submit the same along with the application form. The application form for readmission must be complete in all respect, incomplete form will be summarily rejected. Hostel Rules & Regulations
  • Mere submission of the filled in application form does not mean that readmission is guaranteed.
  • The decision of the hostel administration is final and binding, on all matters pertinent to readmission.
  • Readmission will be strictly based on the previous behavioural aspects of the boarder. Chief warden and wardens will report on the behaviour of the boarders during his/her stay in the previous year
  • A boarder, who was expelled earlier due to his/her indiscipline behaviour, will not be given readmission. Exoneration in this regard is the prerogative is the hostel administration information on whether readmission granted or not, will be made st known on or before 31 January.
  • Boarder, who has not been granted admission due to his/her violation of hostel rules and regulation will have to leave the hostel on the last working day.


  • The students are expected to be present in the hostel one day earlier to the reopening date after term/annual/summer vacation.
  • Boarder who wants to take leave due to genuine reasons must apply in the prescribed leave application format.
  • No leave will be granted unless the parent/guardian represents the boarder. The boarder should seek permission for leave from the principal through chief warden/warden/office-in charge.
  • In case of illness during the school hours/after the school hours, the boarders are required to get permission from the concerned officials to go to hospital.

Visiting Time

  • The parents are requested to avoid their visit on working days except on second Saturday (9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.)


  • The concerned boarders and student-monitors are responsible for maintenance of cleanliness in and around the hostel room.

Speaking English

  • All boarders must converse in English in and around the hostel premises, failing which corrective measures will be imposed.

Medical Care

  • For the treatment of illness, the boarders may use the campus medical facility. The medical bills must be paid along with the fees. In case of infectious diseases, the parents are required to take their wards home for treatment. Such boarders are permitted to re-join only in submission of medical clearance certificate.

Leaving the End of Session

  • The boarders must carry home their things while leaving on summer vacation. If any article is left in the hostel, the hostel administration will not be responsible for its loss.

Fee Rules

  • Fee dues if any, must be cleared by the boarder prior to the commencement of the annual examination. Fee defaulters will not be allowed to take the Annual Examination. The hostel fees may be revised from time to time.

Food & Hygiene

  • Balanced nutritious vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food is provided. Boarders are expected to maintain discipline at the time of dining and adopt table manners. They must use their own plate and tumbler. Wasting of food is strictly prohibited.

Hostel Discipline

  • Leaving the hostel premises on any ground without permission is liable to be severely penalized.
  • In case of causing damages, or misuse of hostel property, the cost will be adjusted with the fees either collectively or individually.
  • Boarders are expected to follow the instructions of chief warden/warden/studentmonitor. Any act of disobedience or violation of rules will be strictly dealt with, leading to disciplinary action.
  • Misbehaviour, using firecrackers, immoral and sealing habit will severely be dealt with to the extent of dismissal of the boarder form the hostel as well as from the school if warranted so.
  • Boarders are strictly instructed to follow the dress code during the school hours.
  • Boarders are not expected to possess money or any valuable things such as camera, radio, gold ornaments, mobile phone, etc.,
  • Boarders are permitted to keep their pocket money with the warden, who will return the money at the time of need.
  • Boarders are expected to strictly follow the higher moral principles in accordance with the Christian ethics and code of conduct.

Rules of General Discipline

  • Students are to abide by the rules and regulation of the school.
  • All students must converse in English during the school hours. Failing to do so might invoke corrective measures.
  • The school is insistent on discipline, punctuality, regularity in attendance, obedience and submission to teachers, courteousness in dealings towards teachers and fellow students, adhering to the dress code, diligence and seriousness in doing class work, homework, and assignments.
  • Students are responsible and answerable for their conduct in and outside the school campus to the school administration. Any misbehaviour and ill-mannered acts in public place will invoke stringent disciplinary actions.
  • Students are not allowed to bring into the campus, unwanted magazines, visual materials, sharp objects like pen knife, mobile phone, electronic things, prohibited substance or drugs or any other objectionable materials.
  • Smoking, chewing pan masala, using chewing gums and similar unhealthy practices are strictly discouraged in and outside the school.
  • Students are expected to exhibit positive behaviours towards teachers, which are acceptable within the sensible limits of student-teachers relationship.
  • Hanging around, wandering, loitering, joining illegal crowds, teasing others, on the way to school or while returning home are strictly forbidden.
  • Students must realize that they are judged by their behaviour and conduct and they are expected to behave in the manner, which brings respect to them.